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Caretto & Occhinegro

Flemish, Dutch, and German Old Master Painting
Founded in 2014 and focused on flemish, dutch and german old master painting, Caretto & Occhinegro represent a new landmark for this specific field. In add of its participation to several international art Fair (for example, Biennale of Florence), during 2020 the gallery has been part of TEFAF Showcase, during which it was able to stand out for the quality of his selection and the way of setting it up, achieving the solid consent of both collectors and newspapers.

Insights From The Gallery

Our selection of Old Masters focuses on the Northern Schools:

Early Flemish and German Renaissance painting.

We focus particular attention on the Brueghel Dynasty, a school representing in reputation, value and importance the absolute excellence of Flemish Art. 

Finally, we also offer a selection of works from the Dutch Golden Age.


Winter Highlights
A selection of Flemish and Dutch old master paintings
Turin, Italy
Oct 30–Dec 18, 2020
Showcase. With a rediscovered masterpiece by Frans Francken II
Mar 7–Oct 15, 2020
From Massys to Pourbus
A Journey into the flemish XVI Century
Turin, Italy
Oct 31–Dec 15, 2018
Copper. The Medium of Flemish Art
Only Flemish Paintings. Only on Copper.
Turin, Italy
Nov 7–Jan 30, 2018


  • Jan Brueghel I
  • Jan Brueghel II
  • Frans Francken II
  • Ambrosius Francken II
  • Jan van Kessel I
  • Jan van Kessel II
  • Master with the Parrot
  • Master of Prodigal Son
  • Master of 1518
  • Sebastiaen Vrancx
  • Anton Mirou
  • Marcellus Coffermans
  • Christiaen van Couwenbergh
  • Adam van Noort
  • Monogrammist HS (Hans Strohmayer)
  • Gillis Mostaert
  • Alexander Keirincx
  • Abraham Govaerts
  • Master of Von Groote Adoration
  • Master of Morrison Triptych
  • Pieter van Avont
  • Master LC
  • Master of Copenaghen Flight into Egypt