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Spanish, Italian and Colonial Old Masters
Founded in 1988 Caylus is a Madrid based art gallery that deals mainly in Spanish and Italian Old Masters, from Gothic to the Romantic period and Latin American Colonial Art. Caylus has performed important sales to Spanish and international institutions among which we can highlight our emblematic sale of the famous “Portrait of the Countess of Chinchón” by Goya to the Prado, considered his most important female depiction. Other works by Goya sold in the past are “Selfportrait at the easel” (Museo Del Prado), “Hercules and Omphale” (Madrid, private collection) and “Portrait of Luis María de Borbón y Vallábriga as child” (Fundación Plaza Museo de Zaragoza). Most recently we have sold one of the few still lifes by Sanchez Cotán (Madrid, private collection), a “Saint Jerome” by El Greco ( New York, private collection) a “Portrait of a girl” by Velázquez ( Madrid, private collection) and a very sensual “Saint Sebastian” by Valentin de Boulogne
(Brussels private collection). The gallery has curated the exhibition of the Abelló collection in Madrid and Dallas (Meadows Museum) and is member of the Círculo Velazquez of Museo del Prado, Fundación Amigos Museo del Romanticismo, Fundación Amigos Museo Nacional de Escultura de Valladolid and founding trustees of Fundación Arte Hispánico.

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