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Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques

A thing of beauty is a joy forever
TEFAF Front.jpg
TEFAF Front.jpg

Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques, established in 1978, offers their clients worldwide high quality and exceptional pieces, which range in date from Renaissance up to the 1900s. The collection, that includes furniture, silver, paintings, ceramics and sculptures, shows that they are exclusive generalists pur sang. Every object in the collection is carefully selected. Quality, excellence rarity and uniqueness are paramount

The company motto is “A thing of beauty is joy forever”, a phrase taken from a poem by John Keats from 1818. Every time you look at an object of beauty, you experience joy. That is exactly what Daatselaar wants to give its clients.

For over 20 years Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques is participant at TEFAF Maastricht. The company has a wide network of the major collectors in the Netherlands, Europe, US and musea worldwide.

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