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Galerie Delalande
Coming from a family of collectors, the Delalande team is active on the art market since the creation of a first marine gallery in Paris 40 years ago. Its will of expansion pushed Dominique Delalande to open Marine & Sciences, 57th street in New York and participate to many major events such as the Paris Biennale already in 1982, the Palais Merode at Bruxelles, without mentioning a first participation at the Maastricht TEFAF 2013. The strength of the team is in its willingness to always try to reach the highest level in each of its specialties. In this context, the team organized upstandard exhibitions such as ´ La Fleur du Mal - Five Centuries of Objects of Art around Tobacco’ during six months with the Paris townhall in 1994 or ´Memories of Opiums’ which registered 18 000 visitors on three months time in 2011. These were followed, in 2014 and 2015, by two major exhibitions on history of Time supported by corresponding extensive works of reference: ‘Sundials’ and ‘Hourglasses of the Past’ which both helped the team to approach its ideals. A new book on astrolabes and related instruments‚ has been edited at the TEFAF Maastricht 2020 edition. Eric and Anna have settled as from June 2015 in the heart of the Paris left bank antics headquarters. They are eager to maintain privileged links with their collector friends and curators who share the same passions.
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