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Alberto Di Castro

Works of Art
For well over a century Alberto Di Castro has been a prestigious name among antiques galleries. Established in Rome in 1878, the Gallery is today owned and directed by Alberto Di Castro, grandson of the founder. Collectors, connoisseurs, art historians, curators and dealers from all over the world are attracted by the distinctiveness and exceptionality of the objects displayed. Alberto Di Castro exhibits what he loves most. Refusing to be swayed by market pressure, he merges personal passion with a rigorous historical-artistic approach as he leads us through works befitting a museum, intriguing curiosities appropriate to a wunderkammer. Centuries are unveiled: from the majesty that was Ancient Rome through the Medieval to the Neoclassical. Here, alongside extraordinary tabletops in coloured marble, hardstone and mosaic by Giacomo Raffaelli and contemporaries, we encounter 18th century furniture inlaid with exotic woods commissioned by princely patrons. Old Masters paintings, vedutas, 14th and 15th century goldgrounds gaze upon magnificent bronzes, terracottas and chased silver.

Insights From The Exhibitor

Discoveries and Rediscoveries in Art:

During the latest Tefaf editions, we exhibited Luigi Valadier objects together with their preparatory drawings, which we continue to study and research. For example, we purchased a collection of Valadier workshop drawings, together with Giuseppe Valadier’s 1810 complete workshop Inventory, which was sold to the Frick Collection, New York. These were catalogued and published in The Art of the Valadiers (2017), edited by Teresa Leonor M. Vale.

Moreover, one of our gallery’s features is the acquisition, study and sale of Judaica art objects. The Italian Jewish communities, and Rome in particular, have produced true art historical liturgical masterpieces.


1 Peruzzi.jpg
The Ideal Grand Tour
Alberto Di Castro, Rome
Jul 3–31, 2020
Dazzle On Exhibition Cover.jpg
Dazzle on: Ancient Made Modern
Alberto Di Castro, Rome
Jun 23–Oct 31, 2020
The Art of Valadiers
Alberto Di Castro, Rome
Apr 7–Jul 31, 2017


  • Costa Nino
  • Canova Antonio
  • Zuccari Federico
  • Valadier Luigi
  • Giuliano Carlo e Arturo
  • Castellani
  • Luigi Pichler
  • Raffaelli Giacomo
  • Giotto and his school
  • Soldani Benzi Massimiliano
  • Dughet Gaspard
  • Maggiolini Giuseppe
  • Scarpa Carlo
  • Peruzzi Baldassarre
  • Tenerani Pietro
  • Bonzanigo Giuseppe Maria
  • Merlini Giuseppe
  • Mola Pier Francesco
  • Galli Giovanni Antonio called Lo Spadarino
  • Wtewael Joachim
  • Barbieri Giovanni Francesco called Il Guercino
  • Piccinelli Andrea called Il Brescianino
  • Torrigiano Pietro
  • Keiserman Francois
  • Preziosi Amadeo
  • Pinelli Bartolomeo
  • Righetti Francesco
  • Schinkel Karl Friedrich
  • Carracci Annibale
  • Sacchi Andrea
  • Giusto Le Court
  • Spinazzi Angelo Maria.