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Alessandra Di Castro

Old Master Paintings; Sculpture; Works of Art
Galleria, foto Jemolo, 2017 (1).jpg
Galleria, foto Jemolo, 2017 (1).jpg

The entrance to the Gallery gives onto Piazza di Spagna. From the doorway to number 4, a concealed courtyard leads the visitor into the secluded rooms of a historical 17th century palazzo housing old masters (primarily of Italian schools), sculptures, furniture, marbles, semi-precious stoneworks and rare objets d'art. Most of the artworks on display come from private collections. Alessandra Di Castro also assists its customers with purchases or sales and to provide art historical research, estimates and expertises; it is also available for consultation in matters relating to collections and inheritance.

Insights From The Exhibitor


  • Carlo Albacini
  • Cesare Aguatti
  • Alessandro Allori
  • Andrea Appiani
  • Giacomo Balla
  • Pompeo Batoni
  • Giovanni Boldini
  • Ippolito Caffi
  • Antonio Canova
  • Lorenzo Cardelli
  • Raffaele Carelli
  • Castellani
  • Bartolomeo Cavaceppi
  • Viviano Codazzi
  • Guglielmo Della Porta
  • Pierre – François – Léonard Fontaine
  • Felice Giani
  • Luca Giordano
  • Matteo di Giovanni
  • Benjamin Ludwig Jollage
  • Angelica Kauffmann
  • Gavin Hamilton
  • Wilhelm Hopfgarten
  • Francesco Hayez
  • Giovanni Lanfranco
  • Ottavio Leoni
  • Giuseppe Maggiolini
  • Anton von Maron
  • Lorenzo Monaco
  • Nicola Morelli
  • Giovanni Paolo Panini
  • Charles Percier
  • Giovanni Pichler
  • Luigi Pichler
  • Pietro Piffetti
  • Benedetto Pistrucci
  • Gio Ponti
  • Giacomo Raffaelli
  • Jusepe de Ribera
  • Luigi Sabatelli
  • Johann Paul Schor
  • Jean – François Thomas de Thomon
  • Pierre – Philippe Thomire
  • Luigi Valadier
  • Gaspare Vanvitelli
  • Giovanni Volpato
  • Adolfo Wildt