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Fondantico di Tiziana Sassoli

Emilian Old Masters
Esterno Galleria bas.jpg
Esterno Galleria bas.jpg

Since 1992 Fondantico di Tiziana Sassoli has been dealing with Italian and predominantly Bolognese Old Masters, setting shows that featured painters such as Guido Reni, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Michele Desubleo, Annibale Carracci, Guido Cagnacci, Sisto Badalocchi, Lucio Massari, Lavinia Fontana, Mauro, Ubaldo and Gaetano Gandolfi. The remarkable attention to the quality, historic provenance and condition of the paintings, as well as the scholarly catalogues regularly issued in collaboration with art historians, endorse the Gallery’s work with italian and international museum; the gallery’s reputation has been built exactly on these rigorous standards by which the paintings are selected.

Fondantico holds regular Old Master Paintings exhibitions accompanied by fully researched catalogues, which stimulate art historical discussion and bring light to new areas of connoisseurship. Tiziana Sassoli usually takes part at the major art fairs in Europe, by which she maintains continuous connection with institutions, collectors and museums. The gallery will be holding for Tefaf 2022 a special project dedicated to 17th-Century Italian paintings.

Insights From The Exhibitor


Racconti d'arte.
Dipinti e disegni dal XVI al XIX secolo
Via de' Pepoli 6/e Bologna, Italy
Oct 24–Dec 19, 2020


  • Francesco Albani
  • Amico Friulano del Dosso
  • Sisto Badalocchi
  • Guido Cagnacci
  • Denjs Calvaert
  • Annibale and Ludovico Carracci
  • Lorenzo Costa
  • Giuseppe Maria Crespi
  • Donato Creti
  • Michele Desubleo
  • Lavinia Fontana
  • Prospero Fontana
  • Ubaldo Gaetano and Mauro Gandolfi
  • Giovanni Francesco Barbieri called "Il Guercino"
  • Giovanni Lanfranco
  • Guido Reni
  • Bartolomeo Schedoni
  • Elisabetta Sirani