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Frascione Arte

L'Arte è una sola
Frascione Arte Gallery opened in 2009 in the historical street of art dealers in Florence, Via Maggio. From 2012 it is located in the prestigious Ricasoli Firidolfi Palace, a 16th building designed by Baccio d’Agnolo who received the commission from the Florentine senator Giovan Fancesco Ridolfi. Frascione Arte is specialized in Italian paintings from the 14th up to the 17th Century, with particular attention to the Tuscan School. Even if the gallery is relatively recent the fine art collection has a very long and consolidated history. In fact it began in 1893 with Enrico Frascione who is the great-grandfather of Federico Gandolfi Vannini, the founder of Frascione Arte. Federico is carrying on, in the fourth generation, the family’s passion for paintings, acquiring and studying masterpieces of great quality. The gallery has been partecipated in the most prestigious fine art exhibitions in Europe and in the USA, including the European Fine Art Fair in New York and the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair. Frascione Arte is also member of Associazione Antiquari d’Italia.

Insights From The Exhibitor

Federico Gandolfi Vannini was born in Florence in 1977. He studied Art History at the University in Florence and after the first experiences in Sweden and Texas he opened his gallery in the Florentine city. The most important figure in his professional development was his maternal grandfather, Vittorio Frascione. Refined connoisseur, skillful art dealer and eclectic collector he passed down to Federico the fascination and passion for this job. Vittorio with his son Enrico, today a brilliant eighty-years-old art dealer, were the first teachers and points of reference of Federico. Frascione Arte collection distinguishes itself for the specialization in Italian old master paintings, especially Tuscan ones. Beside the works of the most well-known artist, certainly more saleable, the collection includes also artworks apparently secluded although of great quality. In this research emerges the Federico’s sensibility as a collector and not only as an art dealer. Important Art historians collaborate with the gallery. The most significant studies are published in an art-historical series, called “Cahier”, by the gallery itself. Particular attention is given to the study of the artwork with the support of art historian, restorers and specialized photographers. From his foundation Frascione Arte has developed an international clientele of museums and private collectors in Europe, in East Asia and in the USA. Throughout the years Frascione Arte has strengthened a philanthropic activity financing the publication of monographs about Italian artists such as Bartolomeo della Gatta, Mario Balassi, Claudio Francesco Beaumont and Sigismondo Coccapani, studies as Cassoni. Pittura profana del Rinascimento and specialized magazine as Nuovi Studi.


TEFAF New York Fall
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Nov 1–5, 2019
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Biennale Internazionale dell'Antiquariato di Firenze
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Sep 21–29, 2019