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Peter Freeman, Inc.

2019_Walther_PFI_installation 9_H.jpg
2019_Walther_PFI_installation 9_H.jpg

Peter Freeman, Inc., founded in 1990, represents leading international artists and estates of several generations and specializes in important paintings, sculptures, and drawings of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, with a particular emphasis on early Pop, Minimal, and Conceptual works.

The gallery presents at least five exhibitions each year of both new work and of historical bodies of work that we believe are especially relevant to the art of our time, focused shows exploring significant movements, themes, and ideas that have influenced and defined recent art and culture.

The historic works handled by the gallery over the past thirty years are broad-ranging and can often be defined by their rarity and significance. For this reason, much of our business has been with museums.

Peter Freeman also publishes scholarly books, including a catalogue raisonné Robert Mangold: Early Works, with text by Robert Storr; the first US catalogue on the works of Charlotte Posenenske; several catalogues on Medardo Rosso; James Ensor: Paintings, with text by Xavier Tricot; and the artist book Tide, a collaboration with Silvia Bächli and the writer Jamaica Kincaid.

Insights From The Exhibitor


Matt Mullican
Universal Perspective
New York
Feb 25–Jul 31, 2020
2020_In Situ_installation 9.jpg
In situ
a changing installation
New York
Sep 15–Dec 19, 2020
Fiona Tan
Archive / Ruins
New York
Jan 9–Feb 15, 2020
Mel Bochner
New York
Nov 5–Dec 21, 2019
Franz Erhard Walther
Migration of Forms 1956-2006
New York
Sep 10–Oct 26, 2019


  • David Adamo
  • Dove Allouche
  • Silvia Bächli
  • Anna and Bernhard Blume
  • Mel Bochner
  • Cabrita
  • Ernst Caramelle
  • Jan Dibbets
  • Lili Dujourie
  • Robert Filliou
  • Fernanda Gomes
  • Josephine Halvorson
  • Alex Hay
  • Charles LeDray
  • Mangelos
  • Helen Mirra
  • Matt Mullican
  • Catherine Murphy
  • Nashashibi / Skaer
  • Charlotte Posenenske
  • Medardo Rosso
  • Anne-Marie Schneider
  • Thomas Schütte
  • Lucy Skaer
  • Fiona Tan
  • Franz Erhard Walther
  • Richard Wentworth