Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Contemporary works on paper


11 Church Street, NW8 8EE, London, United Kingdom
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Contemporary works on paper

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art fosters an international range of emerging and mid-career artists as well as a selection of graduates and young artists.

Though reaching out into areas such as conceptual and digital art, the core program of the gallery dedicates much of its attention to drawing and works on paper, a medium the founder Patrick Heide has been passionate about since the beginning.

In an attempt to reveal the underlying patterns of human society, the gallery program hopes to present artistic statements that are visually, sensually and intellectually challenging. The gallery aims to show art that is formally consistent, technically accomplished, socially relevant and spiritually charged, giving a rather timeless alternative to an art world that is often aimlessly theoretical, introspective and addicted to money, marketing and fashion.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art hopes to give prominence to artistic statements concerned about the condition of the mind, about nature and human nature, its urbanization and transformation to ultimately reveal the link between the physical and the metaphysical world.


  • Isabel Albrecht
  • Sophie Bouvier Ausländer
  • David Connearn
  • Alex Hamilton
  • Andy Harper
  • Károly Keserü
  • Minjung Kim
  • Hans Kotter
  • Yuliya Lanina
  • Sharon Louden
  • Thomas Müller
  • Reinoud Oudshoorn
  • Francesco Pessina
  • Dillwyn Smith
  • Susan Stockwell