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Galerie Marc Heiremans

Leading twentieth century Murano art glass expert and author
Marc Heiremans galerij 2019-1 - kopie.jpg
Marc Heiremans galerij 2019-1 - kopie.jpg

The gallery was founded in Ghent, Belgium in 1987, recently relocated to Antwerp after operating for twenty years in Brussels. Over the years Marc Heiremans established an international reputation as a glass and ceramics expert with a strong focus on twentieth-century Murano glass. Our new showroom also displays unique and limited artworks by contemporary artists.

Independent consultant for auction houses worldwide and curator of various museum exhibitions, he is also the author of several reference publications.

Marc Heiremans is member of the Belgian Royal Chamber of Antiques and Art Dealers (Rocad) and the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts (ArtExperts).

Insights From The Exhibitor


  • Anna Akerdahl
  • Ferreira Aniko (CaCO3)
  • Philip Baldwin
  • Guido Balsamo Stella
  • Alfredo Barbini
  • Angelo Barovier
  • Ercole Barovier
  • Napoleone Barovier
  • Pierre Bayle
  • Fulvio Bianconi
  • Tomaso Buzzi
  • Charles Catteau
  • Giuseppe Chiacigh
  • Andries Dirk Copier
  • Dieter Crumbiegel
  • Antonio Da Ros
  • Vittorio Donà
  • Giuseppe Donnaloia (CaCO3)
  • Luciano Ferro
  • Anzolo Fuga
  • Luciano Gaspari
  • Monica Guggisberg
  • Elie Hirsch Buchwald
  • Beate Kuhn
  • Riccardo Licata
  • Carel A. Lion Cachet
  • Tyra Lundgren
  • Dino Martens
  • Napoleone Martinuzzi
  • Floris Meydam
  • Aldo Nason
  • Ermanno Nason
  • Yoichi Ohira
  • Sven Palmqvist
  • Mavromatidis Pavlos (CaCO3)
  • Peter Pelzel
  • Giorgio Perfetti
  • Mario Pinzoni
  • Flavio Poli
  • Gino Poli
  • Arnaldo Pomodoro
  • Gio Pomodoro
  • Gio Ponti
  • Carlo Scarpa
  • Tobia Scarpa
  • Karl Scheid
  • Ursula Scheid
  • Onno Schelling
  • Archimede Seguso
  • Thomas Stearns
  • Hans Stoltenberg-Lerche
  • Robert Sturm
  • Ermanno Toso
  • Giusto Toso
  • Renato Toso
  • Reinhilde Van Grieken
  • Ann Van Hoey
  • Rogier Vandeweghe
  • Paolo Venini
  • Vinicio Vianello
  • Tapio Wirkkala
  • Vittorio Zecchin
  • Toni Zuccheri