Galerie Henze & Ketterer

Expressionism and beyond


Galerie Henze & Ketterer Riehen
Wettsteinstrasse 4, CH-4125, Riehen/Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Galerie Henze & Ketterer Wichtrach
Kirchstrasse 26, CH-3114, Wichtrach/Berne, Switzerland
Galerie Henze & Ketterer

Expressionism and beyond

◾Expressionism since 1905 and the 20th century
◾Abstraction, a world language, since 1945
◾New Figurative and Contemporary Art since 1960

◾We show up to 6 exhibitions every year in our gallery exhibition space in Riehen/Basel. Further more we have a second, very
large exhibition space in Wichtrach/Berne, dedicated mainly to research with a focus on Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who's estate we manage since 1953 and whose archive we manage as well. Next to this gallery is the "KUNST-DEPOT" designed by the architects Gigon/Guyer who also designed the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Museum in Davos.
The "KUNST-DEPOT“ is both a storage space for the gallery and, on the top floor, a project room for younger artists.
◾In addition to our gallery exhibition program, we maintain a permanent exhibition from our artists in some of the gallery spaces.
◾Gallery, Art Dealer, Art Books, Publishing.
Archive and Estate Management (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Berthold Müller-Oerlinghausen, Theo Eble and Fritz Winter).
◾Exhibitions, Purchases, Sales, Commission, Estimates.
◾Consulting concerning Documentation, Authenticity, Conservation, Insurance, Transport.
◾Conceptual and organizational advice concerning exhibitions and collections.
◾Since 1993 in Wichtrach, previously in Stuttgart from 1946 , 1962 as well as 1970 in Campione d'Italia on the lake of Lugano, since 2001 in Riehen/Basel.
◾Managing Director in Riehen: Dr. Alexandra Henze, Managing Directors in Wichtrach: Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Dr. Wolfgang Henze

◾Verein Berner Galerien
◾Verband Schweizer Galerien
◾Kunsthandelsverband der Schweiz CINOA
◾Schweizer Buchhändler-und Verleger-verband
◾Verband Kunstmarkt Schweiz
◾The International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA)
Being aware of how important it is, especially for new collectors, to be in good and serious hands, we do our utmost to organize everything as smoothly, professionally and transparently as possible.
In the third generation and since 1946, we collaborate directly with many artist estates and most of the leading colleagues in our field worldwide.
We have had the privilege to help in building and completing many of the most important museum and private collections concentrating on Expressionism.
Our family is proud to be administrators of the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Estate since the mid-1950ies. Therefore we have the honour and the privilege to contribute
to most international museum shows to the theme of “Brücke”, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Expressionism in one way or the other.

But we also act intensely and with the same dedication with a strong selection of abstract and contemporary artists.
Concerning artists we don’t list in our gallery program, we may be able to find suitable works through our connections.
We work with a large stock of artworks owned by the gallery but also with works on commission from collections or directly from living artists.

Our main goal is to work fast with a maximum of transparency, reliability, seriousness
and with a maximum of respect and love for the art we are dealing with and for the artists that created them.
For all artworks by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner we deliver the official authenticity guarantee edited by the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Archive that is
situated in Galerie Henze & Ketterer Wichtrach/Berne, with the work.
For very important artworks we may provide condition reports by leading museum-restorers on the request of a seriously interested collector.
We guarantee fully for the immaculate authenticity, provenance and condition of the works we offer and sell. We guarantee fully for the condition of all works, any alternations or problems are transparently stated in the individual work description. As a rule we don’t offer any damaged or otherwise doubtful artworks at all for sale.

We may not guarantee that the investment in art will make you rich financially on a short term basis, but we can guarantee you that you will significantly increase your life-quality by collecting serious and sustainable works of art.

The Gallery and Art Advisory Henze & Ketterer always shows a good selection of strong works by the artists it represents
on Artnet, Artsy, Printed Editions, the IFPDA's site and on its website (, but we are also active on Instagram.

Furthermore we participate physically in important international art fairs like Tefaf Maastricht, Masterpiece London, Art Cologne and others.
In the gallery we show regularly monographic or thematic shows by important modern, post-war or contemporary artists.
All works the Gallery and Art Advisory Henze & Ketterer lists on the above named platforms are physically available
for viewing in our Gallery in Riehen/Basel on appointment.

The Gallery and Art Advisory Henze & Ketterer is most happy to support and advise passionate young collectors
and naturally also already experienced collectors in all questions that might arise in building and curating a collection of modern and/or contemporary art.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have, we will do our best to find the answer you are looking for as we are long-standing and passionate collectors ourselves.
Virtual tours through our gallery in Riehen as well as through our booths at art fairs:


  • Alexander Archipenko (1887-1964)
  • Eduard Bargheer (1901–1979)
  • Max Beckmann (1884–1950)
  • Max Ernst (1891-1976)
  • George Grosz (1893–1959)
  • Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956)
  • Erich Heckel (1883–1970)
  • Karl Hofer (1878–1955)
  • Alexej von Jawlensky (1864–1941)
  • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938)
  • Alfred Kubin (1877-1959)
  • Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1881-1919)
  • Ludwig Meidner (1884–1966)
  • Otto Mueller (1874–1930)
  • Berthold Müller-Oerlinghausen(1893–1979)
  • Edvard Munch (1863-1944)
  • Gabriele Münter (1877-1962)
  • Emil Nolde (1867–1956)
  • Hermann Max Pechstein (1881–1955)
  • Hans Purrmann (1880-1966)
  • Max Peiffer Watenphul (1896–1976)
  • Christian Rohlfs (1849–1938)
  • Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884–1976)
  • Hermann Scherer (1893–1927)
  • Georg Tappert (1880-1957)
  • Francis Bott (1904–1998)
  • Theo Eble (1899–1974)
  • Günther Gumpert (1919-2019)
  • Karl Hartung (1908–1967)
  • Heinz Mack (*1931)
  • Ernst Wilhelm Nay (1902-1968)
  • Bernard Schultze (1915–2005)
  • Emil Schumacher (1912–1999)
  • Fred Thieler (1916-1999)
  • Ursula (1921–1999)
  • Theodor Werner (1886–1969)
  • Fritz Winter (1905–1976)
  • Georg Baselitz (*1938)
  • Darío Basso (*1966)
  • Jürgen Brodwolf (*1932)
  • Pizzi Cannella (*1955)
  • Alfonso Hüppi (*1935)
  • Robert Klümpen (*1973)
  • Kubach-Wilmsen (1936-2007 und *1937)
  • Kubach & Kropp
  • Markus Lüpertz (*1941)
  • Daniel Spoerri (*1930)
  • Giovanni Manfredini (*1963)
  • Nunzio (*1954)
  • Paolo Serra (*1946)
  • Raymond Emile Waydelich (*1938)