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Kallos Gallery

The beauty of ancient art
TEFAF Online gallery image.jpg
TEFAF Online gallery image.jpg
Founded in 2014 by Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza, Kallos Gallery is a London gallery specialising in ancient art. We offer a carefully curated selection of works from Antiquity, including Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Western Asiatic and European artefacts. We strive to maintain a great diversity of objects, but all united by a particular aesthetic quality inspired by our name Kallos, which means ‘beauty’. That may be the quality of a surface, the powerful form of a helmet, the line of a finely carved marble, the miniature detail of a gem or the draughtsmanship of a vase.

Insights From The Exhibitor

The beauty of ancient art is rich and varied, spanning thousands of years and encompassing a myriad of cultures. The materials and techniques are wide ranging, and style finds full force in both the purely abstract and perfect naturalism. With such diversity to display, Kallos Gallery itself provides a modern backdrop inspired by classical architecture which complements and showcases the intrinsic beauty of the objects exhibited.


Mar 5–11, 2020