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Kent Antiques Limited

Islamic and Indian Art & Orientalist Paintings

Kent Antiques is a leading gallery in London dealing in courtly objects and works of art dating from the 13th century to the 19th century and Orientalist paintings.

Since its foundation in 1997, the gallery has regularly exhibited art works in private and international exhibitions, including La Biennale Paris and Asian Art London. Kent Antiques was the winner of the prestigious ‘La Biennale Paris – Exceptional Object Award’ (Prix de la Commission Biennale 2019 de l’Objet d’exception) in 2019.

The gallery’s clients include museums, major institutions including, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Islamic Art Doha, The David Collection, Asian Civilisations Museum (Singapore), King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Topkapi Palace Museum, Pera Museum, Sadberk Hanim Museum, as well as private collectors. All works of art offered by Kent Antiques are ethically obtained from national and international private collections and trade. Our gallery has an international reputation and is highly regarded by national and international institutions, private collectors and dealers.

The authenticity of every single work of art offered for sale by Kent Antiques is guaranteed and certificate of authenticity is provided on request. Utmost attention is paid to provide genuine works of art of highest quality, in good condition. Kent Antiques is a member of BADA (The British Antique Dealers’ Association).


It is our pleasure to present three pieces, representing different aspects of Islamic courtly life, from different geographies of the Muslim world, selected with extreme care for their quality, provenance and condition. The first is a fine Mughal miniature depicting a conqueror, possibly Alexander the Great. It is a remarkable, cross-cultural example documenting the role of foreign historical figures in the history of Muslim painting. The second is an exquisite 17th century Ottoman Qur’an box set with pink sapphires, emeralds and rubies, bearing the “Lion & Sun” set with diamonds; the imperial insignia of Persia. This box was probably sent from the Ottoman capital to the Persian capital as a diplomatic gift. It is a truly rare example which unites different decorative and imperial elements of two Muslim rival empires. The third is a richly illuminated imperial Ottoman edict (firman), dated 1839, lavishly decorated with naturalistic flowers and symmetrically organized crescents and stars in the Ottoman court workshop. All of these three pieces demonstrate the extraordinary richness and variety of Islamic art within the converging concept of ‘reflections of Muslim courtly life’.

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