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Galerie Kevorkian

Arts of the Ancient Near East, of the Islamic and Indian world

Our gallery specializes in Ancient Near Eastern art and in the Arts of the Islamic and Indian world. It was established at its current Parisian address in 1923 and has been run from its foundation to the present day by three generations of collectors and dealers, who have helped shape the taste and connoisseurship of private individuals, build some of the finest private collections in these fields and sold to major Asian, European and American long-established museums as well as to newer institutions such as the Museo d’Arte Orientale in Turin and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Our focus in Ancient Near Eastern Art is centered primarily on the stylized representations of the natural world and human figure developed by some Western Asiatic cultures and civilizations. In Islamic and Indian art, it is mainly centered on Islamic early ceramic wares and on Persian and Indian manuscript painting. Our gallery is member of French and international dealers and professional associations: SNA, CNE and IADAA.

Insights From The Gallery


Beasts of the East
Five millenniums of animal representation in the arts of the Ancient Near East and of the Islamic world
Sep 8–Oct 8, 2020
Realms of Color
The art of Rajput and Popular Mughal painting in Northern India
Sep 8–Oct 8, 2020
Grand Palais Ephémère
Nov 27–Dec 5, 2021
BRAFA Art Fair
Tour & Taxis
Jan 23–30, 2022