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Ana Khouri

“As a jeweler, you must find a way to accentuate the natural elegance of what are arguably the most beautiful materials found on earth. The work should have an eternal quality, but one must also aspire to imbue the pieces with another essence that, for me, is much more consequential: I want my work to be ethereal.

It is ironic perhaps, that stone and metal pried from the earth could be ethereal but jewelry has long been associated with the stars. I think that fine jewelry should always aspire to rival the awe we experience when we turn our eyes upward. I don’t simply want these pieces to adorn, or to stand alone as beautiful objects. I want my designs to evoke their connection to space—its vastness, its majesty and its superlative form.

The very process and purpose of designing jewelry—of refining and reinventing one’s signature—is for me, to eventually locate this fine and illusory quality. My goal is to spin these precious materials into something that is much more than an extravagant accessory.” Ana Khouri

Ana Khouri spent her formative years between her native Brazil and the United States. Khouri first studied Fine Arts specializing in sculpture. It was in art school that Khouri first began to think critically about the myriad of ways that a piece can take shape on the wearer, and the balance the work creates with the body.

In New York, Ana attained degrees at GIA and Parsons, amongst several other specialized studies in jewelry. Her background and love of sculpture would now play in her favor, allowing her a richer understanding of the creative possibilities. As a designer she is unhinged from any technical restraints, and as an artist Khouri is constantly challenged to bend the materials to her creative vision.

While Ana has been sculpting and working on individual special projects since 2002, she officially launched her New York based namesake line in 2013. Her designs are inspired by her search for simplicity and purity, toeing the line between sculpture and jewelry, a juxtaposition between the traditional and the contemporary. Her work is made exclusively with 18K Fairmined, Fairtrade gold or platinum and ethically and responsibly sourced gemstones.