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Galerie Kugel

Renowned Paris gallery exhibiting the most important pre-20th century European art.

Galerie Kugel offers a uniquely wide range of specialties, with the majority of pieces on show sourced directly from private collections.

The well-cited “Kugel provenance” is considered a guarantee of authenticity, rarity, and exceptional quality. Alexis, Nicolas, and Laura Kugel offer expert guidance to art lovers and connoisseurs to build and enhance their collections.

Our team of art historians, which benefits from a library containing over 20,000 reference works, is reputed for its provenance research and frequent rediscoveries of lost treasures.

Insights From The Gallery


Gold, tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl at the Court of Naples
Galerie Kugel, Paris
Sep 12–Dec 8, 2018
A Mechanical Bestiary
Automaton Clocks of the Renaissance
Galerie Kugel, Paris
Sep 9–Nov 5, 2016
Strasbourg silver-gilt from the 16th to 19th century
Galerie Kugel, Paris
Sep 10–Nov 8, 2014
Gold, Jasper and Carnelian
Johann Christian Neuber at the Saxon Court
Galerie Kugel, Paris
Sep 13–Nov 10, 2012