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Galerie Léage

Specialised in 18th century Furniture and Objet d'Art

The Galerie Léage has been founded in 1972 and is specialized in the 18th century furniture and objects of art of museum quality. The gallery is recognized as among the highest specialized galleries in its field, for the quality and taste of the pieces it exhibits. Authenticity, rarity, and originality are among the main values we defend.

The gallery is located at 178 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, at the corner of rue de Berri, and welcomes in his twelve great collectors’ exhibitions, art lovers, renowned decorators and curators of international museums. The gallery is used to work and exchange with major French museums such as Versailles, the Louvre and the major Americans.

Today Galerie Léage is pleased to see parts of its collection in those institutions, and continues to discoverer treasures that have sometimes their counterparts in museums. Guillaume Léage, is part of the fifth generation of antique dealers in the family, specialist of the 18th century, and perpetuates the values of excellence in the selection of furniture and objects .For several years now, Galerie Léage has been multiplying dialogues to encourage the generations to combine 18th century furniture with contemporary and modern art.

Insights From The Exhibitor


Rencontre de Maîtres
with Galerie De Jonckheere
Galerie Léage
Oct 16–Nov 7, 2020


  • Adam Weisweiller
  • Charles Cressent
  • Claude-Étienne Michard
  • Étienne Levasseur
  • François Lieutaud
  • François Rémond
  • Georges Jacob
  • Jacques Caffieri
  • Jean-Baptiste-Bernard Demay
  • Jean-François Oeben
  • Jean-Henri Riesener
  • Jean-Jacques Pafrat
  • Jean-Louis Prieur
  • Nicolas Pineau
  • Pierre Gouthiere
  • Pierre Macret
  • Robert Osmond
  • Roger Van der Cruse (R.V.L.C.)