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Stuart Lochhead Sculpture

European Sculpture from Medieval to Rodin

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture offers the best in all media from antiquity to the 20th century. Whether created by a celebrated or a little-known artist, the sculptures we handle are of the highest quality. Since graduating from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 1994, Stuart has been working in the field of sculpture handling some of the greatest works to come to the market and enriching the collections of the most distinguished collectors and museums. In 2018 Stuart opened his own gallery in St James’s, London.

In recent years, Stuart has sold an important bust of Georges Marechal by Girardon to Château de Versailles from TEFAF 2020; a rare sculpture by Rodin to the Philadelphia Museum of Art; a ceramic portrait mask of Victor Hugo and a life-size portrait of the couturier Charles Worth by Émile Friant to the Musée d'Orsay; and a rediscovered masterpiece of Why Born Enslaved! by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.

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Artists by Artists
Sculptured Portraits in the 19th Century
Jun 18–Jul 26, 2019
Stuart Lochhead Sculpture Plaster!1.jpg
An exhibition on the infinite possibilities of a misunderstood medium
Oct 13–17, 2021
PLASTER! An exhibition on the infinite possibilities of a misunderstood medium
together with other selected sculptures
New York
Jan 21–29, 2022
Josep Santilari The topic Fantin-Latour series.jpg
Masters of Realism
Vanitas, Kunstkammer & Still Lifes by Josep & Pere Santilari
Jul 3–15, 2022