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Art Déco
Bâle 2016.jpg
Bâle 2016.jpg
The founder of the gallery, Alain Marcelpoil, is a renowned expert in the field of Art Deco, recognized internationally as the leading specialist in the work of the designer Andre Sornay (1902-2000). Alain Marcelpoil is a member of the Compagnie Nationales des Experts (CNE) and the Syndicat Nationale des Antiquaires (SNA). He is also one of the expert of the committee of expert during the vetting in BRAFA Brussels and Masterpiece London. In 2010, the gallery published a long-awaited book devoted to this exceptional artist, entitled « signé sornay. » (in English and in French), the result of years of research and close collaboration with Sornay’ family. The gallery participates regularly in prestigious Art and Design fairs in France and abroad.


  • André Sornay
  • Claudius Linossier
  • Jean Dunand
  • Pierre Chareau
  • Marcel Coard
  • Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann