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Mignoni, based in New York, specializes in secondary market works by prominent European & American post war artists.

The gallery advises institutions and private clients in acquiring works by a renowned group of artists, including Alexander Calder, Donald Judd, Rudolf Stingel, Ed Ruscha, John Chamberlain, Adolph Gottlieb, Lucio Fontana, and Eduardo Chillida, among others.

In addition, the gallery presents two to three high-quality exhibitions a year. Its inaugural exhibition was Progressions by Donald Judd (2017).

Fernando Mignoni founded the gallery in January 2017. Previously at Christie’s London for nearly a decade, he left as Director of the Contemporary Art Department in 2007 to join his family’s gallery, Galeria Elvira Gonzalez, Madrid. From 2007 to 2017, he ran the secondary market program both at the gallery and art fairs. He also organized shows by Donald Judd (2009), John Chamberlain (2010), Alexander Calder (2010), Dan Flavin/Donald Judd (2013), and Robert Mangold (2017). Mignoni is an expert in the work of Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, Alexander Calder, Robert Mangold, Lucio Fontana, and Eduardo Chillida.

Insights From The Gallery


Uncanny Materiality
Donald Judd's Specific Objects
New York
Jun 15–Dec 11, 2020
Donald Judd in Two Dimensions
Fifteen Drawings
New York
Jan 9–May 26, 2020
Kenneth Noland and Donald Judd
Color and Form
New York
Oct 29–Dec 18, 2019
Frank Stella
Polish Village Sketches
New York
May 22–Aug 16, 2019
Robert Mangold and Joel Shaprio
Angles in Color
New York
Feb 26–May 18, 2019
Sol LeWitt: Lines in All Directions
New York
Nov 1–Feb 16, 2019
Flavin, Judd, Mangold, Wilmarth, Yun
New York
Jun 28–Sep 29, 2018
An Eccentric View
Tauba Auerbach, Jo Baer, Marsha Cottrell, Tara Donovan, Eva Hesse, Kathleen Jacobs, Yayoi Kusama, Agnes Martin, Mira Schendel
New York
May 1–Jun 23, 2018
Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, On Kawara, Sol LeWitt: Early Works
New York
Jan 16–Apr 10, 2018
Donald Judd Progressions
New York
Oct 31–Dec 18, 2017
On view
Blurring Boundaries: Selected Works from Chamberlain to Soto
New York, NY
Jan 20–Jun 16, 2021


  • Josef Albers
  • Carl Andre
  • Jo Baer
  • Alexander Calder
  • John Chamberlain
  • Eduardo Chillida
  • Dan Flavin
  • Lucio Fontana
  • Donald Judd
  • On Kawara
  • Sol LeWitt
  • Robert Mangold
  • Agnes Martin
  • Fausto Melotti
  • Juan Muñoz
  • Kenneth Noland
  • Ed Ruscha
  • Robert Ryman
  • Richard Serra
  • Joel Shapiro
  • Frank Stella
  • Rudolf Stingel
  • Anne Truitt
  • Cy Twombly