Walter Padovani

Fine Art from the Renaissance to the 19th Century


Via Santo Spirito 26/A, 20121, Milan, Italy, Italy
Walter Padovani

Fine Art from the Renaissance to the 19th Century

Walter Padovani’s gallery has been located in the heart of the fashion district in Milan since 2000. From the very beginning, the gallery set itself the goal of becoming a point of reference for private collectors and institutions, specializing in Italian sculpture and works of art dating from the 16th century to the Neo-Classical period.
The strategic guidelines of the activity are a rigorous selection of the works proposed, with great attention given to their provenance and state of conservation, as well as a close collaboration with leading art historians. Over the years, thanks to new discoveries and restitutions, as well as to the publication of the gallery’s catalogs, it has been possible to write some small, albeit significant, chapters of art history. In parallel with research, the gallery also provides indispensable services in the context of Old Masters art, including estimates, appraisals and assistance for the practices at the Export Offices of the Superintendencies and for the handling and restoration of works of art. The Galleria Walter Padovani exhibits regularly at prestigious Italian and international exhibitions such as BIAF and TEFAF.
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  • Antonio Minello
  • Giovanni Marchiori
  • Alessandro Algardi
  • Cristoforo Solari
  • Caspar Bernad Hardy
  • Lorenzo Bartolini
  • Pompeo Marchesi
  • Giovanni Bonazza
  • Antonio Raggi
  • Antonio Tantardini
  • Bernardino Cametti
  • Francesco Righetti
  • Angelika Kauffmann
  • Felice Giani
  • Gaetano Gandolfi
  • Bartolomeo Pinelli
  • Giuseppe Bezzuoli
  • Giovanni Sanguinetti
  • Marco Antonio Prestinari
  • Massimiliano Soldani Benzi
  • Domenico Pieratti
  • Giuseppe Maria Mazza
  • Rinaldo Rinaldi
  • Francesco Orso
  • Francesco Vanni
  • Pelagio Palagi
  • Giovanni Dupré
  • Giovanni Baratta
  • Alessandro Vittoria
  • Alessandro Turchi
  • Francesco Ladatte
  • Giuseppe Mazzuoli
  • Andrea Appiani
  • Giovan Battista Lampi