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Petzel Gallery

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Petzel Gallery, founded in 1994, first opened on Wooster Street in Soho of New York City. In 2000, the gallery moved to W 22nd Street in Chelsea and in 2006 expanded to include a separate space next door dedicated to smaller exhibitions, artists’ projects, and performances. In fall 2008, Petzel opened Capitain Petzel in Berlin, a joint gallery with Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne. Located in the Mitte section, it presents exhibitions by established international artists in both gallery programs and exclusive to Capitain Petzel. In 2012, Petzel expanded into a new larger location at W 18th Street and in spring of 2015, Petzel opened a second townhouse space on E 67th Street. Used to curate historical exhibitions by artists within the Petzel program, as well as focus on the secondary market and various curatorial projects, a further expansion doubling the gallery’s exhibition space opened February 2020. The move to the new, larger 18th Street location and expansion uptown continue Petzel Gallery’s commitment to develop its program upon the scope, diversity, and ambitions of the artists that it represents.

Petzel Gallery has continued to develop its program around a group of contemporary artists who are renowned internationally: Yael Bartana, Walead Beshty, Cosima von Bonin, Troy Brauntuch, Simon Denny, Keith Edmier, Thomas Eggerer, Derek Fordjour, Wade Guyton, Robert Heinecken, Stefanie Heinze, Georg Herold, Charline von Heyl, Dana Hoey, Christian Jankowski, Asger Jorn, Sean Landers, Rezi van Lankveld, Maria Lassnig, Allan McCollum, Adam McEwen, Rodney McMillian, Sarah Morris, Jorge Pardo, Joyce Pensato, Seth Price, Stephen Prina, Jonathan Pylypchuk, Willem de Rooij, Pieter Schoolwerth, Dana Schutz, Dirk Skreber, John Stezaker, Hiroki Tsukuda, Nicola Tyson, Corinne Wasmuht, and Heimo Zobernig. Each artist has exhibited widely in both museums and galleries throughout the world and are regularly included in international exhibitions such as Documenta, the Whitney Biennial, The Carnegie International, and the São Paulo Biennial. Numerous publications are available on all the gallery artists.

Insights From The Exhibitor


PS 20_xxx12L.jpg
Pieter Schoolwerth
Shifted Sims
Chelsea, New York
Sep 3–Oct 31, 2020
NT 20_xxx9L.jpg
Nicola Tyson
Sense of Self
Upper East Side, New York
Sep 2–Oct 3, 2020
FP 20_xxx2L.jpg
A Love Letter to a Nightmare
Chelsea, New York
Jul 15–Aug 14, 2020
FP 20_xxx3L.jpg
Curated Selection
New Painting, Sculpture, and Works on Paper
Upper East Side, New York
Jun 23–Aug 14, 2020
HT 20_xxx10L.jpg
Hiroki Tsukuda
They Live
Chelsea, New York
Mar 5–Jun 10, 2020
RM 20_xxx17L.jpg
Rodney McMillian
Recirculating Goods
Upper East Side, New York
Feb 27–Jul 31, 2020
TB 20_xxx1L.jpg
Troy Brauntuch
A Strange New Beauty
Upper East Side, New York
Jan 15–Mar 14, 2020
RB 19_xxx3L.jpg
Jon Pylypchuk
Waiting for the Next Nirvana
Chelsea, New York
Jan 9–Feb 29, 2020
GH 19_xxx3L.jpg
Georg Herold
Upper East Side, New York
Nov 6–Dec 20, 2019
WB 19_xxx2L.jpg
Walead Beshty
Abstract of A Partial Disassembling of an Invention Without a Future: Helter-Skelter and Random Notes in Which the Pulleys and Cogwheels Are Lying Around at Random All Over the Workbench
Chelsea, New York
Oct 24–Dec 14, 2019
FP 19_xxx1L.jpg
Wade Guyton and Stephen Prina
Chelsea, New York
Sep 12–Oct 5, 2019
SP 19_xxx7L.jpg
Stephen Prina
English for Foreigners
Upper East Side, New York
Sep 11–Oct 26, 2019
DH 19_xxx6L.jpg
Dana Hoey
Dana Hoey Presents
Chelsea, New York
Jun 27–Aug 2, 2019
FP 19_xxx4L.jpg
Curated by Karel Schampers
Upper East Side, New York
May 3–Jun 22, 2019
BR 19_xxx9L.jpg
Ross Bleckner
Chelsea, New York
Apr 24–Jun 15, 2019
FP 19_xxx06L.jpg
Strategic Vandalism: The Legacy of Asger Jorn’s Modification Paintings
Curated by Axel Heil and Roberto Ohrt
Chelsea, New York
Mar 5–Apr 13, 2019
JP 19_xxx4L.jpg
Jorge Pardo
Eccentric Reflexivity 1988–1994
Upper East Side, New York
Feb 28–Apr 27, 2019
AE 19_xxx10L.jpg
Adam McEwen
Upper East Side, New York
Jan 22–Feb 16, 2019
SCH 19_xxx5L.jpg
Dana Schutz
Imagine Me and You
Chelsea, New York
Jan 10–Feb 23, 2019
SPR 18_xxx8L.jpg
Seth Price
Hell Has Everything
Chelsea, New York
Nov 8–Jan 5, 2019
SM 18_xxx5L.jpg
Sarah Morris
Midtown Paintings: 1998 - 2001
Upper East Side, New York
Nov 1–Jan 5, 2019
FP 18_xxx1L.jpg
Wade Guyton and Stephen Prina
Chelsea, New York
Oct 26–27, 2018
FP 18_xxx3L.jpg
Martin Kippenberger, Maria Lassnig, Albert Oehlen, Dana Schutz
Upper East Side, New York
Sep 12–Oct 27, 2018
CvH 18_xxx14L.jpg
Charline von Heyl
New Work
Chelsea, New York
Sep 6–Oct 20, 2018


  • Yael Bartana
  • Walead Beshty
  • Ross Bleckner
  • Cosima von Bonin
  • Troy Brauntuch
  • Simon Denny
  • Keith Edmier
  • Thomas Eggerer
  • Derek Fordjour
  • Wade Guyton
  • Robert Heinecken
  • Stefanie Heinze
  • Georg Herold
  • Charline von Heyl
  • Dana Hoey
  • Christian Jankowski
  • Asger Jorn
  • Sean Landers
  • Rezi van Lankveld
  • Maria Lassnig
  • Allan McCollum
  • Adam McEwen
  • Rodney McMillian
  • Sarah Morris
  • Jorge Pardo
  • Joyce Pensato
  • Seth Price
  • Stephen Prina
  • Jon Pylypchuk
  • Willem de Rooij
  • Pieter Schoolwerth
  • Dana Schutz
  • Dirk Skreber
  • John Stezaker
  • Hiroki Tsukuda
  • Nicola Tyson
  • Corinne Wasmuht
  • Heimo Zobernig