Old master paintings


Piazza Vittoria 6, 80121, Naples, Naples, Italy
Galleria Porcini was founded in 1969 by Vincenzo Porcini in the historical heart of Naples. Today the legacy of the gallery is enriched by Vincenzo’s son, Dario. Recently, the gallery inaugurated its new exhibition space on the piano nobile of the historic Palazzo De Majo, at Piazza Vittoria 6, Naples.

Galleria Porcini is a recognized reference point for Neapolitan art by collectors and public institutions in Italy and abroad; the gallery's competencies span across sixteenth-eighteenth century painting in Italy, including the works of the foreign artists who were active in the peninsula.
The gallery regularly organizes monographic exhibitions, accompanied by catalogues prepared by top scholars in multiple languages; the gallery has also engaged into the production of a series of monographies devoted to rediscovered Neapolitan artists of this period.


  • Cesare da Sesto
  • Dirck Hendricksz (Teodoro D'Errico)
  • Pietro Cavaro
  • Girola Imparato
  • Nicolas Regnier
  • Francesco Solimena
  • Francesco De Mura
  • Giovanni Lanfranco
  • Carlo Sellitto
  • Bernardo Azzolino
  • Luca Forte
  • Jusepe de Ribera
  • Hendrick de Somer
  • Luca Giordano
  • Artemisia Gentileschi
  • Francesco Guarino
  • Matthias Stom
  • Giuseppe Piscopo
  • Aniello Falcone
  • Andrea de Lione
  • Andrea Vaccaro
  • Pedro Nunez Del Valle
  • Cesare Fracanzano
  • Francesco Fracanzano
  • Filippo Vitale
  • Paolo de Metteis
  • Corrado Giaquinto
  • Giovan Battista Recco
  • Giovan Battista Ruppolo
  • Leonardo Coccorante
  • Gabriele Ricciardelli
  • Agostino Tassi