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Safani Gallery Inc.

Art Transcending Time
Ancient and Modern.jpeg
Ancient and Modern.jpeg

Safani Gallery Inc. is a multi-generational family business that has been offering museum quality works of ancient art for over 100 years.

Starting in the 1890’s with Dr. Benjamin Mahboubian, a noted archaeologist and expert of Persian art, the family business has included relatives who were prominent dealers in Islamic and Ancient Near Eastern art in Tehran, Paris, London and New York. Ayoub and Khalil Rabenou, Dr. Mahboubian’s nephews, were instrumental in providing museums and collectors with many of the most recognized masterpieces from Islamic and Ancient Near Eastern cultures. His sons, Mehdi and Houshang, were important advisers and contributors in building the Near Eastern and Islamic collections of Iran, France, England, the United States and Japan. Edward Safani, Dr. Mahboubian’s son-in-law, was a noted authority on Islamic art, ancient glass and art from the ancient Near East helping American collectors and museums acquire major artworks in these areas.

Alan Safani, son of Edward and grandson of Dr. Mahboubian, continues this legacy. After completing graduate degrees in Ancient Near Eastern and Classical art and archaeology Alan entered his father’s business. He continues the family tradition of presenting authentic, important and beautiful works of ancient art, offering an unparalleled combination of experience, connoisseurship and expertise for his clients.

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