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Established in 1937 in Kyoto, Shibunkaku offers a unique sense of aesthetics and appreciation of great art that transcends cultural and geographical borders, periods, and genres. Our expertise is rooted in early modern and modern Japanese fine art with an emphasis on calligraphy and painting. In addition, we have expanded into postwar and contemporary art, aiming to count among the leading galleries in Japanese art of highest quality and enduring art historical value.

Shibunkaku encourages thorough dialogue regarding the arts of different periods and media, and seeks novel interpretations of time-transcending artistic value through carefully curated exhibitions and publications. We support academic and research activities of museums and institutions. Our works are acquired by collectors and museums worldwide and regularly lent to important national and international exhibitions.

Insights From The Gallery
  • Miyawaki Aiko
  • Matsuo Bashō
  • Yosa Buson
  • Zheng Chongbin
  • Hakuin Ekaku
  • Léonard-Tsuguharu Foujita
  • Conrad Jon Godly
  • Hayami Gyoshū
  • Dōmoto Hisao
  • Miyanaga Rikichi (Miyanaga Tōzan III)
  • Dōmoto Inshō
  • Yagi Kazuo
  • Suda Kokuta
  • Sugai Kumi
  • Ogawa Machiko
  • Kayama Matazō
  • Suzuki Osamu
  • Mishima Ritsue
  • Ryōkan
  • Takeuchi Seihō
  • Morita Shiryū
  • Tomioka Sōichiro
  • Ueda Sōkyū
  • Ikeno Taiga
  • Yokoyama Taikan
  • Kuroda Taizō
  • Yamaguchi Takeo
  • Tomioka Tessai
  • Imai Toshimitsu
  • Yang Yongliang
  • Inoue Yūichi
  • Maruyama Ōkyo