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Moshe Tabibnia

Carpets, tapestries, textiles
reception website.jpg
reception website.jpg

Standing out for its reputation of excellence in the antique textile art field, Gallery Moshe Tabibnia is located at the heart of the Brera district, the artistic hub of Milan. The gallery is a reference point for those who love and collect antique carpets, tapestries, and textile artefacts.

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia owns a collection that includes several museum-quality pieces, some of which come from prestigious private collections. The items in this collection are available for viewing and purchase to collectors, scholars, and connoisseurs.

Provided with an exhibition space on a par with the latest museum standards and equipped with advanced solutions for preservation and display in a suitable environment, Gallery Moshe Tabibnia also boasts a specialized library and a conservation laboratory, in which scientific analyses and conservation work are executed by highly qualified and skilled personnel.

The gallery serves its interest in the dissemination of scholarly work through its publishing activity with Moshe Tabibnia Publisher. Research projects in historic textile art and the publication of their outcomes often stem from collaboration between Gallery Moshe Tabibnia and internationally renowned museums and cultural institutions.

Insights From The Exhibitor

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia has several artworks currently on loan in two different exhibitions: “Le Signore dell'arte” in Palazzo Reale, Milan and “Drop by Drop Life from the Sky: Water, Islam and Art”, an itinerant exhibition in Sharjah (UAE) organized by Museo d'Arte Orientale, Turin. This coming September on the occasion of MiArt’s 25th edition, a selection of the collection’s antique textiles from the fifteenth to the sixteenth Century will be featured in an unparalleled relationship with contemporary art in an exhibition dedicated to Remo Salvadori curated by BUILDING, Milan.

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm. You can contact us at the following number: +39 (0)28051545, or by email at: info@moshetabibnia.com.

Find out more about our collection, publications, past and future events by visiting our website: www.moshetabibnia.com


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Hortus conclusus
The Garden in the Oriental Carpets of the Fondazione Tassara
Sep 15–22, 2019
Intrecci del Novecento
Tapestries and carpets of Italian artists and manufactures
La Triennale, Milan
Sep 11–Oct 8, 2017
10-1_Serenissime Trame Brescia.jpg
Serenissime trame tra Brescia e Venezia
Teatro Grande, Ridotto, Brescia
Apr 15–Jun 4, 2017
Serenissime trame
Carpets from the Zaleski collection and Renaissance paintings
Giorgio Franchetti Gallery, Ca’ d’Oro, Venice
Mar 23–Sep 10, 2017
09_Celestial Garden .jpg
Textiles revealed - Celestial garden
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
Oct 6–Nov 5, 2016
suolo sacro.jpg
Suolo sacro
Tappeti in pittura, XV – XIX secolo
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
Apr 6–Jul 2, 2016
Racconti tessuti
Arazzi e ricami dal Gotico al Rinascimento
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
May 7–Jul 11, 2015
Intrecci Cinesi
Antique Textile Art (15th - 19th Centuries)
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
Oct 12–Dec 10, 2011
Crivelli and Brera
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan
Nov 26–Mar 28, 2010
Deities, Monkeys and Signs of the Zodiac
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
Nov 8–30, 2007
01_Pietre Miliari_2006.jpg
In the History of Carpets
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
Oct 14–Nov 11, 2006