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Tenzing Asian Art

Early Himalayan Art
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Tenzing Asian Art offers exquisite and significant Himalayan art. Our collection includes rare objects of early Buddhist art from Kashmir and Pala India, and the early Nepali art that survived in Tibet. These exceptional pieces, selected for their beauty and historical significance, reflect the rich stylistic diversity of the early period in Tibet.

Iwona Tenzing established Tenzing Asian Art in 2006 to provide private curatorial services to prominent California collectors and in 2015 partnered with Chino Roncoroni, her mentor and a veteran in the field, to assemble art collections in Hong Kong and China.

Together they have sold objects to the Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art in Beijing for its first-ever exhibit, “The Light of Buddha,” at the Palace Museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City in 2018, as well as to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and to the Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum in Hong Kong, opened to the public in May 2019.

Iwona and Chino’s latest collaboration is “The Great Heritage” (Nava Press, Milan, 2020), a 500-page bilingual (English and Chinese) book that includes over 200 full-page images of art objects that reflect their long careers and connoisseurship.

Chino Roncoroni is a leading specialist dealer in Himalayan art and Central Asian textiles and courtly objects and is known internationally for his expertise and discerning eye. In addition to building compelling private collections in Europe and America, his 40 years of collaboration with international dealers have resulted in acquisitions of important artworks by Musée Guimet, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Cleveland Art Museum.

Chino was also instrumental in assembling the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2003 exhibit “Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure,” still regarded as the most comprehensive and memorable show of objects from the Himalayan region.

Chino has sponsored or otherwise supported numerous research and book projects by scholars and experts in Himalayan art, including Dr. Amy Heller’s books “Tibetan Art” (Milan, 1999) and “Hidden Treasures of the Himalayas: Tibetan Manuscripts, Paintings and Sculptures of Dolpo” (Chicago, 2009), both of which present almost exclusively objects acquired by Chino for institutions or private collectors.

Tenzing Asian Art regularly holds private viewings in Hong Kong and Paris and exhibits at Fine Art Asia in Hong Kong and Asia Week New York.