Trinity Fine Art

Master Paintings & Sculpture from the 15th -19th century


Trinity Fine Art Ltd
15 Old Bond Street, W1S 4AX, London, United Kingdom
Trinity Fine Art

Master Paintings & Sculpture from the 15th -19th century

Established in 1984 , Trinity Fine Art has earned a reputation as a leading destination for exceptional works of art and has gained the respect and loyalty of clients and colleagues for the rigour, attention and discretion of service. As a dealer and consultant specialising in Master Paintings, Sculpture and Works of Art from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century, our clients include many of the world’s major museums as well as most leading private collections.
In 2016, ownership of Trinity Fine Art passed to Carlo Orsi, one of the most respected art dealers in Italy and former Chairman of the Association of Italian Art Dealers (AAI). Based in elegant premises at 15, Old Bond Street, London, the gallery provides a relaxed atmosphere in which to view works of art and holds regular exhibitions, with accompanying catalogues. We exhibit at the principal art fairs, as well as loaning to museums and sponsoring institutional exhibitions.


  • Antoine Jean Gros
  • Francesco Hayez
  • Jean-Léon Gérôme
  • Félicie De Fauveau
  • Gottardo Segantini
  • Vittorio Zecchin
  • Ubaldo Oppi
  • Frans Floris
  • Ferdinando Tacca
  • Pompeo Batoni
  • Bartolomeo Schedoni
  • Giovanni Battista Piamontini
  • Giuseppe Piamontini
  • Johann König
  • Stoldo Lorenzi
  • Alessandro Rondoni
  • Lippo D’Andrea (Pseudo Ambrogio Di Baldese)
  • Lorenzo Di Giovanni Di Nofri (Maestro Di San Miniato)
  • The Master Of The Unruly Children