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Fine Colonial Art and Antiques, Cartography, Exotica, Natural History and Scientific Taxidermy from the Age of European Travel & Exploration, 16th - 19th century


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Zebregs&Röell Fine Art and Antiques - Maastricht
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Zebregs&Röell presents you Fine Art and Antiques from far away shores. However, we sell stories, not fairytales.

The objects can be called colonial, and present you with the sheer beauty of cultural influence, but also serve as important historical sources. Every object from the collection is unrivalled in splendour, but also in the story it tells.

The collection is curated by well-known and respected dealers Jonkheer Mr. Dr. Guus Röell (77) and Drs. Dickie Zebregs (30). Guus started collecting art and specialized himself in the colonial world history for the last 25 years. Dickie graduated in Dutch-colonial Art and Antiques and started collecting fine and antique Victorian taxidermy ten years ago. Together, they present you with a collection of fine artefacts of museum quality.

And of museum-quality, the collection is, for they are proud to have the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Metropolitan New York, Louvre Paris, Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore, Peabody Essex Museum Salem, National Palace Museum Taipei, Chicago Institute of Arts, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Groninger Museum Groningen, Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht and many other important museums amongst their clientele. The research done by Zebregs&Röell is extensive and of importance to world (art)history, and contributes to the discourse on colonialism and slavery. Their catalogues can be found in many libraries across the world and serve as important sources to researchers.
At Tefaf Maastricht 2023, we will present visitors with the finest luxury goods from distant shores, dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries. From an openwork ivory casket from mid-17th-century Sri Lanka, a scarce Old Master painting depicting the departure of the Pilgrim 'Mayflower' to the New World, and two Chinese renaissance openwork ivory pendants from the first half of the 17th century, to a 19th-century 'scrimshaw' ivory tusk depicting the famous 'Voyage in the Sunbeam' engraved aboard the ship by the illustrator of the famous book by Lady Brassey.

Also, the earliest documented piece of furniture from North America discovered by us recently will be on show. The Anneke Jans Chest, owned by Anneke Jans Bogardus, is dated 1633 on the lock on the inside. Scientific research regarding the alloy of, and the inscriptions on the lock has been done by the Rijksmuseum, and DNA research has proved the chest to be North American.

In 2021 we presented the seventh known cabinet by Jan van Mekeren, late 17th century and overall decorated with floral marquetry, probably the pendant of the cabinet in the V&A Museum. The eight cabinet by Van Mekeren known, and even more impressive, with House of Orange symbolism, will be presented by us during Tefaf 2023.

During the fair, we will furthermore present part of our extensive Japanese export lacquer collection, featuring a 17th-century Japanese lacquer cabinet unrivalled in quality, depicting Deshima on one side and the court journey or 'hofreis' of the Dutch delegation to the Shogun in Edo on the other sides. Besides that, amongst some pieces previously owned by Marie-Antoinette, we will show a Namban coffer of the finest quality and a rare Transitional-style casket attributed to the Kichibei studio.

We hope to contribute to the world history of art and colonialism with many other discoveries of great, but also little, importance, so we can keep doing what we love most.
Tell stories, not Fairytales.
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