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City of Maastricht

Cultural Program 2024

See below the cultural program that has been organised by
the city of Maastricht during TEFAF 2024.

Hans Dulfer muur witte sax copyright Mark Groeneveld

Jazz Festival

During TEFAF, experience the diverse music program of Jekerjazz Maastricht on March 11, 12, and 13. Enjoy renowned artists and styles, such as jazz, funk, salsa, bossanova, pop, blues, and more. Admission to all concerts is free with the support of Jekerjazz Maastricht, Centrum Management Maastricht, the Leisure Fund, and the Vrienden Van.

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Heritage unlocked

Heritage Unlocked

During TEFAF, Maastricht is buzzing with cultural activities. Heritage Unlocked is a unique and special experience to discover the stories and history of a selection of monuments. On Tuesday March 12, the following locations will open their doors to visitors between 6PM and 10PM:

  • Saint John Church
  • Dominican Church
  • City Hall
  • Dinghuis
  • Saint Servatius Basilica

Explore on Your Own

Experience Heritage Unlocked on your own by exploring the monuments independently. Choose your favorite location or explore all the monuments. Some sites have guided tours, while others are freely accessible.

Guided Tour

Discover Maastricht’s iconic monuments with an Official Maastricht Guide. During the tour, the guide will tell you the most fascinating stories, history, and amusing anecdotes of the historic buildings. You will get to know the city in a unique way.

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Heritage Walk - Guided tour ‘The Maastricht of JAN’

In the Maastricht of around 1500, numerous artists and craftsmen were active. One of them was the renowned woodcarver Jan van Steffeswert. He carried out commissions for many churches and sextons in Maastricht, but his craftsmanship was also appreciated outside the city walls. Today, Van Steffeswert’s work can be admired in cities such as New York, Brussels, and Liege. The most extensive collection is housed in the Bonnefanten Museum, where one of his masterpieces is also on display: the Richly Adorned Lady, a small boxwood sculpture about 18cm tall, acquired by the museum during TEFAF in 2020. In addition to the impressive quality of his carvings, Van Steffeswert is known for signing his sculptures, a practice that was rare in the late Middle Ages. One of his signatures consisted of the three letters JAN.

During the walk, participants will be discover the traces of JAN throughout Maastricht. Where did he work? Who were his patrons? How did he obtain his materials? These questions, along with aspects of sculpture restoration, will be discussed during the walk.

In collaboration with SRAL (Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg).

More Information

Sral paintings department c sral 876723543

The SRAL Pop-up Conservation studio at Rob van Rijn & Artichoque Art Gallery

At the SRAL Restoration Consultation at Artichoque Art Gallery, experts thoroughly assess the condition of your artwork, providing advice on restoration options and long-term preservation. Visit Rob van Rijn & Artichoque Art Gallery for expert guidance.


City Shopping Windows

Over 50 shops in the center of Maastricht will redo their shopping windows during TEFAF. Take a stroll and admire the displays. For more information and a map of the participating retailers, click the button below.


Emerging artists image

Emerging Artists Unveiled

A dozen Maastricht galleries provide a platform for local and young talents (up to 27 years old) during TEFAF. The talents applied to an Open Call distributed through the art academy, Jan van Eijck Academy, and the Collaborating Studios Maastricht (SAM). A professional jury has selected the applications, and the chosen ones will be presented. Each participating gallery will organize a special activity with these talents during one of the TEFAF days and will keep its doors open throughout the entire fair.