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As the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has devoted more than 130 years to advancing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With a passionate commitment to exceptional patient care, cutting-edge research, and superb educational programs, MSK has earned the distinction as one of the premier cancer centers worldwide.

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was founded in 1946 by a group of forward-thinking women dedicated to enhancing the hospital environment and patient support. Years ahead of their time, these women understood that cancer is not solely a physical disease. The effects of a diagnosis of cancer and its treatment present many emotional, psychological, and social challenges for patients and their families. They recognized that, to be truly effective, medical treatment needed to be holistic, addressing the entire person. They set out to provide recreational therapy, art, fresh flowers, and other meaningful gestures of support and caring.

As the work of these imaginative and energetic women became felt throughout the hospital, it was soon clear that they also had an extraordinary ability to raise much-needed funds both for patient care programs and for vital scientific research. Over many years, The Society’s financial support has made it possible for MSK to expedite innovative cancer investigations and to assume its position as the United States’ preeminent cancer research and treatment center.

Since 1946, The Society has evolved into a unique, internationally renowned volunteer organization. It is involved in the hospital’s policy, fund raising, and the support of research, patient care programs, and education. Continually updating and refining its services to respond to the needs of the institution and its patients, The Society remains a vibrant, dynamic, and highly effective organization that works hard to educate the public and raise funds for its vital programs.

One of the highlights of The Society of MSK event calendar is the biannual opening night of TEFAF New York, which MSK has been a part of since its inception. The exquisite setting of art, furniture, jewels and flowers echoes the hospital beautification efforts of the founders of The Society. MSK’s esteemed donors delight in supporting MSK while engaging with TEFAF’s world-renown exhibitors. The emphasis on quality and education upheld by both TEFAF and MSK underscores the success and natural fit of the partnership, which both look forward to continuing to build upon in years to come.

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