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The Next Generation of Connoisseurs: Creating New Legacies for Collections

Three prominent figures from the worlds of art and design explore what it means to be a connoisseur today


Today, the term “connoisseur” does not simply call to mind those savants at the bleeding edge of art and design. As taste and expertise evolve rapidly, the next generation of connoisseurs is challenging—and changing—the very definition of connoisseurship. This new era is being written by a class of visionary tastemakers with vastly different values, viewpoints, and approaches to the creative and visual arts than their forebears.

What does connoisseurship mean in our current day? What will it look like in the near future? How are today’s connoisseurs anticipating the legacies of the collections they manage? In this panel, three prominent figures shaping this new age provide illuminating insights from their unique perspectives about how connoisseurship is transforming.

TEFAF Talks are interactive panel discussions exploring today’s most fascinating topics in the worlds of art, antiques, and design. Paired with leading content partners, these talks showcase the knowledge of leading experts in the broader TEFAF community. This talk is presented in partnership with Artnet.


Andrew Russeth Andrew Russeth 1 2
Andrew Russeth Editor, Artnet News Pro
Adam charlap hyman andre herrero Jason Wigginton 1
Adam Charlap Hyman Principal at Charlap Hyman & Herrero
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Eleanor Cayre Art Advisor, Cayre Art Group
20200921 MG 9354
Ebony L. Haynes Senior Director, David Zwirner & Director 52 Walker

Interior, Adam Charlap Hyman. Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson