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At the Dawn of a New Age: Early 20th Century American Modernism

TEFAF Talks are interactive panel discussions to strengthen one's art knowledge. Pairing with leading partners to share knowledge and expertise.  Apollo editor, Ed Behrens, speaks with Barbara Haskell, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, where she has been responsible for agenda-setting exhibitions such as ‘BLAM! The Explosion of Pop, Minimalism and Performance 1958–1964’ (1984), ‘The American Century: Art & Culture 1900–1950’ (1999), and ‘Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925–1945’ (2020). As ‘At the Dawn of a New Age: Early Twentieth-Century American Modernism’ opens, we discuss why Haskell was interested in exploring this period now, why some artists make it into the canon and why others do not – and how you capture the optimism of a past era. About the exhibition: At the Dawn of a New Age: Early Twentieth-Century American Modernism brings together works by lesser-known modernists and familiar icons, created between 1900 and 1930. It uncovers how these artists used abstraction and responded to the realities of a rapidly modernizing world. Featuring artworks drawn primarily from the Whitney’s collection, including new acquisitions and rarely seen works, the exhibition represents over 60 works by more than 45 artists working in various styles and media, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, and photographs. At the Dawn of a New Age offers a broader perspective on early twentieth-century American modernism by including groundbreaking, historically overlooked artists like Henrietta Shore, Charles Duncan, Yun Gee, Manierre Dawson, Blanche Lazzell, Ben Benn, Isami Doi, and Albert Bloch in addition to well-known artists like Marsden Hartley, Oscar Bluemner, Elie Nadelman, Charles Burchfield, Aaron Douglas, and Georgia O’Keeffe. This exhibition is organized by Barbara Haskell, Curator. See further details here: https://whitney.org/exhibitions/dawn-of-a-new-age

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Programming will take place at the Veterans Room, Park Avenue Armory. The event will be recorded. Please note that TEFAF Programming is free with a valid ticket to TEFAF New York. Do note that there is limited availability of seats. If you have not registered for programming or bought your ticket for TEFAF New York: click the button “sign up” and purchase your ticket for TEFAF New York.

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A conversation with

Barbara Haskell, Whitney Museum of American Art

Barbara Haskell is a long-time curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, a well-known scholar on American modern art, and author of over thirty publications on a range of early-twentieth-century and post-war American artists. In 2003, she was awarded the Lawrence A. Fleischman Award for Scholarly Excellence in the Field of American Art History by the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

Edward Behrens, Apollo Magazine

Edward Behrens is the editor of Apollo, based in London.