The ZERO Movement and a New Era of Art

Explore innovation and optimism in the work of Heinz Mack and the ZERO movement—with Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art

Tuesday, March 14

4PM – 4.30PM CET

Stand 482, MECC Maastricht

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A major work by ZERO movement co-founder Heinz Mack (b. 1931) from his “Flügel” artwork group, Wings of Gabriel (1965) showcases Mack’s and the ZERO movement’s use of materials from industrial and technical contexts, a practice that was introduced to the movement by Mack in particular. On the one hand, these glistering—and sometimes only recently developed at the time—materials reflect the overall attitude of ZERO as an optimistic and future-orientated movement. On the other hand, the use of this material was a way for Mack to capture light, which he regarded as an immanent part of an artwork rather than a supporting effect. Mack’s allusion to a biblical theme may refer to ZERO’s claim—while simultaneously ignoring centuries of iconographic tradition in their art—to start all over again from zero, transcending into something completely new.

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Cover image Heinz Mack: Wings of Gabriel, 1965 © Heinz Mack/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023, Photo Linda Inconi-Jansen