Rodin Auguste Le Penseur The Thinker Petit Modéle with Rounded Base 2

A Rare Lifetime Cast of Auguste Rodin’s Famed “The Thinker”

TEFAF Meet the Experts programs celebrate the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors, spotlighting exceptional objects and the stories they tell. Discover the story behind Rodin’s iconic Thinker with Bowman Sculpture.

TEFAF Meet the Experts


2PM–2.30PM CET

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The Thinker is one of the most iconic sculptures in art history, and arguably Rodin’s most famous work. The timeless sculpture has become internationally recognizable as a symbol for the depths of humanity’s intelligence and philosophical genius. Rodin was revered for sculpting The Thinker, along with many of his other works, from the natural movements of a live model. This technique gives The Thinker a human fluidity of both mind and body, infusing the sculpted form with living and breathing qualities.

This present work is an example of the reduced version of Le Penseur cast for the collectors’ market. This version was conceived in 1903 and is one of 8 known lifetime casts, making it extremely rare. At the time this size sculpture was usually gifted to Rodin his most valued friends and clients.


Robert Bowman is an appointed sculpture expert for the UK Government committees for the Acceptance in Lieu Tax Scheme and The Export of Art and Objects of Cultural Reference. He was head of the TEFAF vetting committee for 19th and 20th century sculpture for over 15 years. Robert and Michele Bowman opened Bowman Sculpture in 1993 when Robert left Sotheby’s after 15 years, where he was director of European Works of Art. They have since been joined by their daughter, Mica Bowman, who became director of the gallery in 2018.

Bowman Sculpture is the world’s leading gallery for sculpture by Auguste Rodin. The gallery also specializes in significant English New School and Modern British artists. Additionally, the gallery deals in a selection of contemporary artists

Bowman Sculpture has earned a worldwide reputation for consistently sourcing works of the highest quality. The family-owned and run gallery is located in St James’s, where it welcomes collectors, enthusiasts, academics, and newcomers to explore its artist-defining sculpture.

Robert Bowman Director, Bowman Sculpture

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Image: Auguste Rodin, Le Penseur (The Thinker), Petit Modéle with Rounded Base, 1903.