The Fantastical High Renaissance World of Amico Aspertini

Discover the curious story behind an artist once described by Vasari as an “eccentric and singular person,” with Day and Faber

Wednesday, March 15

2PM – 2.30PM CET

Stand 611, MECC Maastricht

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Amico Aspertini (1473/5-1552) is considered the pre-eminent artist of the High Renaissance in Bologna. A contemporary of Michelangelo, the artist biographer Vasari described him as an “eccentric and singular person,” his art as “extravagant,” while also observing his exceptional skill of ambidexterity, using both his left and right hand with ease when creating his art. Aspertini made his first trip to Rome in 1496, and again in 1500-03, at a time of passionate interest in the re-discovery of Roman antiquity among aristocratic, intellectual circles. In the drawing Tritons and Nereids (1510), the worlds of classicism and fantastic naturalism are combined by the artist in an imaginative tour de force.

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Cover image Amico Aspertini, Tritons and Nereids, 1510