Joris Laarman’s Innovations in Printed Metal

Experience the result of MX3D technology—a tooling system that prints metal in free space—with Jennifer Olshin, Partner, Friedman Benda

Monday, March 13

4PM – 4.30PM CET

Stand 700, MECC Maastricht

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A fascination for technological development and craftsmanship are at the center of Joris Laarman’s Lab. His bronze Space Exchanger (2020) is an outgrowth of Laarman’s celebrated MX3D technology—a tooling system that prints metal in free space—and derives inspiration from functional heat exchange units. Its form could never be made at this scale or in such a refined manner with convention techniques or casting or through the forming of sheets. Like all his works, this is at once an expressive and multi-dimensional sculptural object and a demonstration of what can be crafted on the leading edge of the possible. Laarman has called this work “a frozen moment in the experiments we do,” and a result of a discoveries that were “too beautiful to remain industrial objects.”

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Cover image: Joris Laarman, Space Exchanger (2020)