Uncovering Myth and Meaning of the Bactrian Princess

Explore the potential meanings behind the Bactrian Princess and the history of the Oxus Civilization—with Galerie Kevorkian

Thursday, March 16

4PM – 4.30PM CET

Stand 506, MECC Maastricht

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In the late 3rd and early 2nd millennium BC, the Oxus Civilization (settled in the Bactria-Margiana archeological complex, corresponding to modern Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and northern Afghanistan) enjoyed an age of prosperity due to its privileged status as a supplier of raw materials to Mesopotamia. It produced exceptionally fine metalwork, as well as a series of highly distinctive female statuettes consisting of various detachable parts, the so-called “Bactrian Princesses.” Who do these small composite figures depict? Possibly ladies of high rank who were laid to rest with portraits of themselves in their tombs? Or do they represent goddesses or even the Great Goddess who reigned over the natural world in Central Asian mythology?

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