Mathias Bengtsson’s Masterpiece of Organic Design

Experience the latest masterpiece of organic design by Matthias Bengtsson with Maria Wettergren

Saturday, March 18

2PM – 2.30PM CET

Stand 708, MECC Maastricht

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Mathias Bengtsson (b. 1971) makes sculptural objects that are both visually striking and technically innovative. Always seeking to take his thinking in new directions and working with diverse industrial materials and processes, he pushes forward the sculptural, technical, and philosophical possibilities of three-dimensional design. Since the beginning of his artistic career, Bengtsson has been inspired by natural forms. Over the past decade, he has taken the idea of organic design to another level, exploring the evolution of organic life itself in his work. By means of a computer program designed by the Danish designer himself, the structures of his works are determined uniquely for each piece to simulate the regeneration of bone tissue or vegetal growth, to create a strong, stable construction. In his latest organic design, the Membrane Table (2021), Bengtsson pushes its marble material to the absolute limit by means of both ancient craftsmanship and artificial intelligence.

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Location & Access

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