Conversations on Conservation: Ludovico Mazzolino’s Crossing of the Red Sea

Discussing technological advancements in art conservation with the National Gallery of Ireland, 2024 TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund recipient



This conversation on conservation, in collaboration with ICOM-CC and powered by AON, brings attention to the conservation of Ludovico Mazzolino’s (c. 1480–c. 1530) masterpiece, The Crossing of the Red Sea (1521). The National Gallery of Ireland has received funding from TEFAF to restore the work, which has been part of its collection for over a century.

The painting, in its current fragile state, cannot be safely displayed. The Crossing of the Red Sea requires extensive conservation efforts. The National Gallery of Ireland collaborates with experts in Mazzolino’s work to better understand his artistic practice so that this rare large-scale painting can be sensitively restored and made accessible to the visiting public.

In this discussion three experts delve into the pivotal role played by technological advancements in imaging in art conservation, collaborative initiatives, and the effect on decision-making processes involved in conservation practices.

TEFAF Talks are interactive panel discussions exploring today’s most fascinating topics in the worlds of art, antiques, and design. Paired with leading content partners, these talks showcase the knowledge of leading experts in the broader TEFAF community. This talk is presented in partnership with ICOM-CC and powered by AON, and is moderated by Kate Seymour, Chair, ICOM-CC.

This TEFAF Talk took place at TEFAF Maastricht on Saturday, March 9, 2024.


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Kate Seymour Chair, ICOM-CC (SRAL/ UvA)
Natalia 4 Natalia M 1
Natalia Macro Conservation Research Scientist, National Gallery of Ireland
SRAL HR 008 Luuk Hoogstede 1
Luuk Hoogstede Paintings conservator, SRAL Maastricht
K Smit Kim 1
Kim Smit Head of Collections & Research, National Gallery of Ireland

Image: Ludovico Mazzolino, Italian, c.1480-c.1530, The Crossing of the Red Sea, 1521, National Gallery of Ireland, licensed under CC by 4.0