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Maastricht Art & Icons Walk with TEFAF

Maastricht has a rich history in which many art treasures and architectural gems are stored. You may already know a lot of them, but we are convinced that we can still surprise you with undiscovered parts of our cultural city. In the Art & Icons Walk with TEFAF we take a different turn here and there and we ask you to stop to really look at works of art that adorn our public space or historical buildings that are still of great value over the centuries. and tell countless stories. But there are also plenty of buildings by famous master builders and architects to admire. We will start this route – how could it be otherwise – at the MECC, TEFAF's home base. But the nice thing is that you can pick up this route wherever and whenever you want. Start at a number of your choice and follow the numbering from there. Enjoy! Organised by Maastricht Marketing in collaboration with TEFAF.

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