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Meet the Experts with Galerie Mitterrand

Dive into Lalanne’s Surrealist bestiary with Galerie Mitterand during this TEFAF Meet the Experts program, which celebrates the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors and spotlights exceptional objects and the stories they tell.

Monday, May 15

5PM – 5.30PM EST

Stand 205, Historic Rooms 2nd Floor, Park Avenue Armory

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In her search for a singular plastic universe, Claude Lalanne’s (1925–2019) work has been a testimony to her affection for nature combined with improvisation, creating her own language of organic forms as well as animal ones. Inspired by a midnight visit to a zoo during full moon, which created a vision of changing light and reflections on the animal’s bodies, Lalanne explored the form of the crocodile in various types of furniture over three decades. From a chandelier to chairs, Lalanne manipulated materials with incredible skill and sensitivity to combine her crocodile with ensembles of vegetable stems, creating poetic compositions epitomizing the Surrealist influence that defines Lalanne’s work.

TEFAF Meet the Experts programs celebrate the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors, spotlighting exceptional objects and the stories they tell across categories and 7,000 years of history.

Location & Access

TEFAF Meet the Experts programs are hosted at exhibitors’ stands at TEFAF New York. Please note that TEFAF Programming is free with a valid ticket to TEFAF New York and seating is limited.

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