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Meet the Experts with Mennour

“Composition” (1927–28) by sculptor Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) deconstructs as one moves around it. The sculpture starts out as an abstraction and evolves into the figure of a “woman with a shield”—or is it perhaps a wheel?

Monday, May 15

3PM – 3.30PM EST

Stand 314, Drill Hall, Park Avenue Armory

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Famed for his tall and slender figurative sculptures, Giacometti’s “Composition” hail from the early stages of the artist’s career—the whole series, created in the same period, utilize roughly the same visual language in differing permutations. These early works by the young artist reflect the various influences he came to know in early-20th century Paris and would subsequently inform his later work: from the teachings at the Académie under influential sculptor Antoine Bourdelle and the Old Masters on view at the Louvre to the visual languages of Surrealism, Cubism, and African art.

Discover Alberto Giacometti’s early “Composition” and the cultural life in 1920s Paris with Mennour during this TEFAF Meet the Experts program, which celebrates the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors and spotlights exceptional objects and the stories they tell.

TEFAF Meet the Experts programs celebrate the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors, spotlighting exceptional objects and the stories they tell across categories and 7,000 years of history.

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