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Monastic Splendor: Unraveling the Life of a Tibetan Master

TEFAF Meet the Experts programs celebrate the expertise of our world-renowned exhibitors, spotlighting exceptional objects and the stories they tell. Discover the story behind a fascinating 12th century Tibetan portrait with Tenzing Asian Art.

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Commissioned for the Buddhist Taklung Monastery in circa 1180–1210, this 12th century portrait of Tashipel (1142–1210), the Tibetan monastery’s founder and first abbot, is unparalleled in its masterful execution and unique for its pristine condition—an extremely rare state for a painting many centuries old.

Of the five surviving portraits of Tashipel, this particular work is the most iconographically ambitious. The central figure of Tashipel, enthroned in a willow hut, engages the viewer with a direct gaze. His hands assume a gesture of teaching, and the golden wheels on the soles of his feet indicate his transcendent nature. Surrounding the central figure are more than fifty smaller images depicting Tashipel in a multitude of forms and manifestations, his spiritual progenitors, an array of deities, and various narrative scenes.


Iwona Tenzing and Chino Franco Roncoroni run Tenzing Asian Art, specializing in early Himalayan art, showcasing rare pieces and connecting global collectors with the rich heritage of the Himalayas, reflecting their deep passion and expertise in this rare art form.

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Iwona Tenzing & Chino Roncoroni Founders & Directors of Tenzing Asian Art

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Image: Portrait of Taklung Thangpa Chenpo, First Abbot of Taklung, Central Tibet, ca. 1180–1210