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Protected by Angels: Precious Goldsmiths’ Work from the Middle Ages

Sam Fogg is a specialist in the art of the European Middle Ages. The company was founded thirty years ago and is now based in a large two-storied gallery on Clifford Street, off Bond Street in London. The gallery has presented a series of exhibitions and publications, breaking new ground in the fields of medieval painting, sculpture, stained glass, works of art and illuminated manuscripts. Their clients include the world's major institutions as well as private collectors.

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Matthew Reeves

Matthew is a Director at Sam Fogg, the world’s leading dealer in the arts of the European Middle Ages. Over the past eight years he has overseen the gallery’s busy schedule of fairs and international exhibitions, and has published articles and exhibition catalogues on a range of subjects including late-medieval panel paintings, textiles, stained glass, French royal funerary sculpture and Italian maiolica.

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