A Master of Animal Painting in the Golden Age of Antwerp

Explore a masterpiece—both animal still life and mythological scene—with Salomon Lilian

Wednesday, March 15

4PM – 4.30PM CET

Stand 308, MECC Maastricht

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Paul de Vos was a highly regarded painter of animals, hunts, and armory, and one of the great masters in the art of painting of his time. His art was renowned for its realism, with many cabinets of princes and art-loving gentlemen bearing witness to his skillful compositions, rich in detail and life-like imagery. Considered one of his masterpieces, the monumental The Triumph of Neptune with the Fruits of the Sea presents a hybrid image, combining a mythological scene, with the gods Neptune and Triton as its protagonists, with a remarkable still life of sea animals. Well-established since antiquity, the themes of Neptune and his triumphal procession boasted a vivid pictorial tradition during the 16th century, while the inclusion of a large display of sea animals was not that common in the depiction of the Roman god of the sea.

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Cover image Paul de Vos, The Triumph of Neptune with the Fruits of the Sea (c. 1592 (?) – 1678)