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Taking a Pause for a Dutch Still Life

PIETER CLAESZ Still Life with a Berkemeier, Matches, Clay Pipes, a Tobacco Box, and a Brazier, 1638 The Koetser Family started their first Gallery in the Spiegelgracht before the first World War and remained there until Henri Koetser moved his whole family to London in 1923 where his three sons went into partnership. The firm expanded when offices were opened in New York, leading to the establishment of worldwide contacts among private collectors and museums throughout the USA. In 1967 the gallery opened at its present location in Zurich, where the resources of the firm, now the third generation, have been concentrated.

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Annemarie van der Hoeven

Annemarie van der Hoeven studied History of Art with a specialization on the 17th Century painting. She is currently gallery director at Swiss based David Koetser Gallery. Mrs. van der Hoeven is also an independent art consultant and evaluator of art.

Paul van den Biesen

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