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TEFAF Concert

On Tuesday the 28th of June, the special TEFAF Concert is organised in the Sint Janskerk in Maastricht, with world-famous Anneleen Lenaerts, soloharpist of the Wiener Philharmoniker. That night, she shall play works from her newest CD, Vienna Stories, with which she brings an ode to her residence, Vienna. With fragments of Puccini, Richard Strauss, Dvorák and others, and orchestral works by Smetana and Liszt, some of which in her own arrangement. The war in Ukraine will be an important theme throughout the night. A significant part of the ticket sales will be donated to a special fund for Ukrainian musicians, who have become unemployed due to the current circumstances. During the intermission, Anneleen Lenaerts will give a short interview from the stage.

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Programming will take at the Theater aan het Vrijthof. The TEFAF Concert is an initiative of Chapeau Magazine, in collaboration with Theater aan het Vrijthof.

Tickets are available on the Theater aan het Vrijthof website. Click the button “buy tickets” to reserve your ticket.

For questions about registration contact:
[email protected]