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The Horizon as the Limit of Our Perception: The World as Seen by Artist JCJ Vanderheyden

TEFAF Meet the Experts are interactive conversations around works of art presented at TEFAF. We hope these conversations encourage visitors to further engage with the incredible objects at the fair and learn from our vast network of knowledgeable experts. Jacques (JCJ) Vanderheyden (1928 – 2012) is one of the most unconventional Dutch artists of his time. He dedicated his life to investigating space and the dimensions of visual perspectives by using a broad range of media. In his opinion, an artist was a scientist, but without intellectual limitations. This love is clearly demonstrated in his ‘Horizon’ series. In this Meet the Experts conversation, our experts will discuss JCJ Vanderheyden’s work and highlight our special exhibition of his ‘Horizon’ series in the TEFAF Collector’s Lounge. This exhibition, held in his memory, seemed a natural fit with our lounge sponsor Flexjet, given his love of space. Mr. Vanderheyden also had an all-encompassing relationship with TEFAF and the city of Maastricht. He was not only a frequent visitor of the fair but his work was exhibited regularly by BorzoGallery at TEFAF Maastricht. JCJ also had a lengthy association with the Jan van Eyck Academy as both a student and teacher. Together with BorzoGallery and a private collector, TEFAF and Flexjet are proud to present this talk and a selection of his ‘Horizon’ series in the TEFAF Collector’s Lounge.

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Programming will take place at the Programming Hall, MECC Maastricht. Please note that TEFAF Programming is free with a valid ticket to TEFAF Maastricht. There is limited availability of seats. If you have not registered for programming or bought your ticket for TEFAF Maastricht: click the button “sign up” and purchase your ticket for TEFAF Maastricht.

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Paul van Rosmalen, Gallery Owner BorzoGallery

As the third-generation owner of BorzoGallery, Paul van Rosmalen was raised with art. Growing up surrounded by the Hague School of Mesdag and Maris, Paul has quite consistently shifted his attention to modern and contemporary art. Borzo’s profile nevertheless remains that of a gallery where art history is an extremely important guideline on which contemporary art is based.

Moderated by Paul van den Biesen, TEFAF